Guidance from start to finish

Precisely what you need for property investment

Landmark Vastgoed Management BV takes a flexible approach. We understand that every construction, renovation and assignment and client are different. Following thorough prior consultation, we establish what you want and what you can expect from us, so your building project will have an amazing result.

Process guidance

Our guidance includes all the activities required for a project to run smoothly, including the project management, site supervision, reporting from meetings and the ultimate delivery. The amount of guidance needed is determined in consultation with you and with regard to the size of the project. 

Plan review

As a property investor, on every project - large or small - you have to deal with the local government and other parties who realise the property. Careful review of plans is crucial to avoid disappointments and large bills. We take a two-pronged approach to our reviews:

Financial feasibility

We review whether your plans fit your budget, also taking into account any other costs that will be incurred when realising the plans.

Planning feasibility

If the financial feasibility review is positive, we review whether your intended use of the property adheres to legislation. If this review is also positive, we are then able to commence the project.


Planning preparation 
Meticulous planning preparation enables us to catalogue your wishes and determine the project costs and length. We record this in a Programme of Requirements. The PoR will form the foundation for the following phases, from the draft design to the definitive design, and from the contract documents to the project preparation and realisation. In this phase we see to the design, quality and sustainability, while ensuring that this does put pressure on the budget. As a result, costs following completion are reduced; an aspect that is often overlooked.

Draughtmanship and construction 
Well-devised drawings and smart structures in line with them are indispensable to avoid construction errors. We produce both architectural designs and structural drawings. Our constructor always provides input to ensure an optimal design with specific details. Correct detailing and choice of materials makes it easier for builders to perform their activities, and prevents problems further down the line. It also has a great impact on future maintenance.

Planning permission
Before we can lay the first stone, there is much work to be done to obtain planning permission, which is regulated by the General Provisions of the Environmental Act, the WABO. Early consultation with the authorities is essential in this respect. While planning permission is regulated nationally, there are always factors locally that require a different approach. Landmark Vastgoed Management BV does its utmost to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible, thanks to its strong network and personal approach.

Structural interior advice 
The structure of your premises determines the completion and layout options. The possibilities for the interior are determined by the structural lines - the ceiling, wall and floor. If the structure is not to your liking, we draw up a good plan to bring together all the elements of the structure to meet your requirements.

Interior design

Landmark Vastgoed Management BV is also able to design your property's interior, including built-in or stand-alone furniture and other components, and can also draw up a lighting plan. We take into consideration the details and architectural structure, ensuring the interior is in keeping with the exterior.






Curious about the costs of making your property dreams come true?

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Long-term maintenance plan

Do you want to guarantee the lettability of your property? Landmark Vastgoed Management BV inspects your property and catalogues the maintenance to be performed. The maintenance can be carried out over several years and is set out in a long-term maintenance plan. This approach gives you insight into the maintenance costs and work needed over a longer period.


We can manage the following activities for you:

  • Foundation repair
  • Cellar deepening and optimisation
  • Roof activities
  • Internal and external painting and façade activities
  • Carpentry and repair works
  • Glazing and insulation measures





Other services

Quick scan
Our quick scan provides an overall picture of your premises or the building you want to purchase. For instance, we assess the general state of maintenance, the condition of the installations, and any structural defects that need to be rectified in the short term.

Structural purchase recommendation
Are you a property investor considering purchasing a retail or business premises? A thorough structural survey is vital to avoid disappointment later. We present our findings and our advice in a report, so that you know exactly what you can expect.

Due diligence
Based on the structural survey and further file examination, we map out any positive and negative points for you as a potential buyer. In consultation, the possibilities for your future plans can be assessed for feasibility during this investigation. We then add a zoning-plan test to the assignment.


Are you sure about your purchase?